John Flores getting papersUnder the Republican administration of Governor Charlie Baker, Massachusetts has more people working than at any time in state history. Our economy has added 150,000 new jobs in the last three years. Moreover, the number of people looking for work has dropped in every Massachusetts County and in most cases by more than 35% during this same time period.

As one of America’s greatest engines of innovation, Massachusetts can continue to drive our Nation with the right economic policies in place. Our technology sector, supported by the world’s finest universities and teaching hospitals, develops lifesaving biomedicines, innovative software applications, and incredible new materials that transform manufacturing around the world. Massachusetts must continue to be as attractive for business as it is for research. We must continue to ensure that the world’s best minds do not go elsewhere to start groundbreaking companies with the ideas they develop here.

The kind of thinking that leads to innovation and tremendous economic growth is inherently incompatible with heavy-handed regulation. Our most innovative entrepreneurs are developing entirely new economies, as they did during the biotechnology and internet booms. If Massachusetts forces them to ask for permission, they will go elsewhere instead.

Gone are the days when a “mom and pop” could simply open a store and begin earning a living, creating jobs, and building a community. That world has been replaced with one in which almost any prospective entrepreneur must navigate a labyrinth of regulation and a forest of licenses, permits, health codes, labor laws, and taxes. The solution is to make the process far simpler cutting regulations and making it easier to start a business in the first place, allowing workers to provide for themselves and their families. I support trade and investment with global partners in Massachusetts and around the world.

The drive that keeps an entrepreneur working long days for years in pursuit of a dream is at the heart of Massachusetts’ economic engine. Many entrepreneurs are small business owners trying to build a better life for their families, while others are passionate about their work.

  • I support the periodic review of all regulations. I support a moratorium on new, non- emergency state regulations, fee increases, and business taxes.
  • I support streamlining permitting and zoning processes.
  • I support diversifying our economic base and attracting businesses from around the country and the world.
  • I support the development of a world-class workforce through world-class education.

Finally, more than a million people in the state rely on public transportation to get them where they need to go. The public deserves an efficient, reliable transit system that wisely invests taxpayer dollars in maintaining and improving the transit infrastructure. This means a dependable and fairly priced bus, rail and ferry service for all of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.


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