Cape Cod Hospital

Massachusetts is home to world-class physicians, specialists, and hospitals that provide our citizens with the highest quality health care. These providers play a vital role in our state’s economy and deserve a health care system that allows them to continue this important work without unnecessary government interference.

The federal government’s takeover of health care is eroding the progress we have made. People are losing insurance as they knew it, premiums are going up and an ineffective bureaucracy is failing to find solutions. Everyone in Massachusetts should have access to quality, affordable health care.

I believe Massachusetts knows best how to care for our own citizens. Because we have a proven record of insuring our residents, we should be able to maintain control of our own health care system, rather than being subject to a federal system which has thrown our system into disarray.

I support restructuring the Affordable Care Act with solutions that make more sense for the Nation and for Massachusetts. As a minimum measure, we support providing a waiver for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

We need to reduce the cost of health care in Massachusetts. A lack of transparency about health care costs prevents consumers from making informed decisions about their care. In addition, responsible management of the state's Medicaid program is important to both the overall health of the state's budget as well as the ability to provide a critical safety net for the people who need it.

I believe that market-based solutions -- not government mandates -- hold the key to driving down the cost of health care in our state. In particular, increasing pricing transparency in the healthcare market will help keep costs down for consumers by providing the information needed to make smart decisions and encouraging real competition among insurers and providers.

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