We need your Vote on November 6th.

We are down to the wire!  The election is just 6 days away.  We need your help to push John across to victory and would like your help with one of the following remaining standouts this week. 


Get out the Vote calls. 

We will be making phone calls from the Victory offices to encourage people to go vote. The calling will be ongoing this Friday through election day on Tuesday from 10 AM until 5 PM. Please call one of the offices below to help. It's easy and fun!

  • Andrew Perino - 774-212-4182, 23K Whites Path (exit 8), Yarmouth
  • Chris Fox - 603-545-5173, 263 Stevens St, Hyannis
  • Dylan Soule - 774-634-9645, 290 Ma-130, Unit 9, Sandwich

Standout at the Polls on Election Day. 

We need people to standout at all polling sites in 2-hour slots on election day, November 6, 2018. Please contact Jane Manzelli either via email or phone and let us know if you can help in a 2-hour slot on election day. 

  • Email: manzelli59@comcast.net
  • Call or text 508-965-7444

    Make sure you leave your name and contact information and a member of our campaign staff will be in touch. 


On Point with Mindy Todd 


Join us on the airwaves for the final debate between John and Julian Cyr moderated by On Point's Mindy Todd. This final debate will take place on Thursday, November 1 from at 9 - 10 AM,  WCAI Public Radio.

Please call in with your questions at 866-999-4626 or you can email questions to thepoint@capeandislands.org


Join us for Ladies Night Out


Come meet John and Team Flores at Table 48 during Ladies Night Out, Thursday, November 1st at the Resort and Conference Center, 35 Scudder Ave, Hyannis, MA.

For more information on the event and to purchase tickets go to gatehouselive.com.  Hope to see you there!

Here are some additional ways to get involved during the final days of the campaign:

  • Share John Flores for State Senate's Facebook Page posts and events - https://www.facebook.com/jfloresforsenate/
  • Volunteer your time
  • We are looking to raise an additional $5000 for final advertising costs.  If you can help out with this, you can go here to make a  Donation.  Any amount will be greatly appreciated. 

    Get in touch with us at johnfloresforsenate@gmail.com or give us a call at 774-994-7000.

Join us on Election Night!

We'll be at the Roadhouse Cafe, 488 South St in Hyannis starting at 8 PM on November 6th waiting for election results. All are welcome!

Meet John at Cape Gun Works

We are in the home stretch! Come support John during the last weeks of the campaign. 


John joins Fred LaSelva on Full Swing Politics

John sat down with Fred LaSelva on the inaugural presentation of Full Swing Politics yesterday to discuss issues facing the Cape & Islands.   Watch the entire replay of the show here - http://watch.capemedia.org/vod/16385-Full-Swing-Politics-Episode-001-John-Flores-Medium-v1.mp4 

Meet John at the Riverway Lobster House

We are in the home stretch! Come support John during the last weeks of the campaign. 

John Flores Responds to Senator Cyr's Attack

Reposted article from Cape Cod Today 
John accuses Cyr of distorting his position on school security...
John Flores, Republican candidate for Cape & Islands State Senator (Courtesy photo)

GOP State Senate Candidate John Flores wrote to Cape Cod Today this morning to respond to a press release from his opponent, Senator Julian Cyr, that we published on Monday. 

Below is Dr. Flores' statement, published verbatim:

It is not surprising that Julian Cyr would mislead voters and distort my position on school security because after all, isn’t that what politicians like Julian do?  

I’m sure we would not expect him to write a letter to Cape Cod Today to talk about the $18 million pay raise he voted to give to himself and his legislative colleagues, just a few months after being sworn into office.  Eighteen million dollars of your taxpayer dollars for legislative raises. Julian’s personal bump was over $40,000 per year – not bad for someone on the job just a few weeks.

Have you heard Julian talk about the time he gave his word to Barnstable Sheriff Jim Cummings that he would support a bill allowing local Sheriffs and ICE to work together to determine if prisoners in custody on other charges are also here illegally – and then went back to the State House and voted against it?  Me neither – but where I come from, a person’s word means more than that.

Since Julian cannot defend his indefensible and hyper-partisan record – he voted against Governor Charlie Baker 118 times -- he has elected to take the low road and distort my positions.

Accordingly, I am happy for the opportunity to set the record straight as I did during our recent debate.

My career was spent as a teacher, coach, school administrator, school superintendent, and college dean. As a School Superintendent, my number one priority and my most important responsibility each and every day was to protect the health and safety of my students.

With so much at stake, I learned to listen to all ideas, to research and then accept, modify or reject every possible proposal to the very serious problems our schools and our society faces, including gun violence – and I would do the same as a State Senator.

I am open to discussing the proposal that well-trained, experienced individuals with military or law enforcement backgrounds who have cleared the extensive CORI background check – and are also teachers – be permitted to assist in our overall school security strategies and plans for protecting our children during the hours each day that they are entrusted by their parents to School Superintendents like me.

As a State Senator, I would explore all possible options to supplement existing techniques used in our schools to protect our children, including armed school resource police officers who are already being used in most schools, metal detectors, smart doors, video monitoring connected to police dispatch and any other means of protecting the lives of children. I would make that decision collectively based on input from the local school committee,  parents, teachers, law enforcement personnel and the community at large, which is what I implied during the radio interview.

For an elected official who has served such a short time, Julian has displayed poor judgment from his voting record to his low-road campaign style. Voters want honesty and good judgment from their leaders above all else and Julian does not offer those qualities as a lawmaker or as a candidate.

John Flores, Ph.D.

Letter in Support of John Flores for State Senator

This letter to the Editor was posted in Cape Cod Today :

I am looking forward to voting for John Flores because it’s time we had a state senator who cares not just about his headlines, but about us - a senator who considers issues and their consequences for all the voters.

Our current senator pays little attention to issues facing our economy, our quality of life and small business owners.

Cyr focused on making us a sanctuary state. I support immigrants coming here to find a better life but there are rules.  Cyr’s idea of “sanctuary” means it’s ok for anyone, with good intentions or not, to break the rules. Sanctuary for illegal immigrants is not a solution for illegal immigration problems. 

The Federation for American Immigration Reform’s latest numbers from 2010, illegal immigration costs Massachusetts taxpayers $1.8 billion annually, even considering what illegal immigrants pay in taxes.  This cost covers programs provided like education, health care, law enforcement, public assistance, and government services. If the hands of law enforcement are tied with a Sanctuary State law, that number will soar.  

 I’m looking forward to a new legislator in office who is concerned about a conversation to solve the problem, rather than only trying to make headlines.

Lucien Poyant, Hyannis

Candidates forum at Cape Cinema

Here is an excerpt from the Cape Cod Times article about the Candidates Forum yesterday at the Cape Cinema in Dennis. 

Gloves came off Saturday between Cape & Islands Sen. Julian Cyr, D-Truro, and Republican challenger John Flores, a Barnstable town councilor from Cummaquid.

DENNIS — The gloves came off Saturday between Cape & Islands Sen. Julian Cyr, D-Truro, and Republican challenger John Flores, a Barnstable town councilor from Cummaquid, over lead paint, legislative pay raises and arming teachers. The two shared the stage at the Cape Cinema for the first session of a debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters of the Cape Cod Area.

Meet John at Dino's Sports Bar

Standouts for October

Here is a list of stand-outs scheduled for John Flores for State Senate for October.  Please join us and show your support for John in these last weeks before the election. 
Standouts for October

 Any questions call or text 774-994-7000 or email - johnfloresforsenate@gmail.com


Governor Charlie Baker Endorses John Flores for State Senate of the Cape & Islands District. 

Charlie Baker Endorses John Flores for State SenateBarnstable, MA – Governor Baker today announced his endorsement of John Flores for State Senator for Cape Cod & Islands.

Governor Baker stated, “Through his experience as an educator, engaged citizen and local elected official, John Flores has demonstrated a consistent willingness to listen and engage in thoughtful dialogue that would serve the Cape and Islands well. In the State Senate, John will be a reliable partner in our administration with efforts to deliver fiscal discipline, strengthen our schools, and battle the opioid crisis.”

John is an elected Barnstable Town Councilor and also appointed by Governor Baker to the Board of Trustees of Cape Cod Community College, as well as the Governor's appointee to the Pilgrim Nuclear Decommissioning Citizen's Advisory Panel.

Please visit the donation page where electronic donations can be made or mail any check amount made out to : Committee to Elect John Flores at PO Box 23, Barnstable, MA 02630.

Hopefully,with your anticipated support coupled with any Cape Cod and Island votes you may be able to generate, we will be victorious on November 6, 2018.

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