Position Statements

1) Opioids - I support Governor Baker’s plan to address the critical issue of Opioid abuse that is devasting our families, towns, schools, and businesses. We need to encourage/require insurance companies to lengthen treatment coverage to 90-365 days, not just keep recycling 30-day in-patient stays. We need to treat this epidemic as a disease -- because that’s what it is. We need available counseling and support for drug users, their families and those impacted.


2) Waste Water- we must implement new higher standards to collect, control and discharge wastewater. Protecting the environment of the Cape and Islands is critical to our economy, our way of life and our future; not protecting our fragile environment will drastically impact our way of life here. We must have a comprehensive 208 plan, work with all Cape & Island towns with aquifers and guarantee safe, clean water for all.


3) Crime/police funding -  Public safety is the first and most important responsibility of government. We need to ensure adequate budgetary support for our first responders and ensure that public safety, the protection of all, is always paramount.


4) Bridges/Transportation -  We need to establish a task force to develop and study plans for new transportation models to move people and goods to and from the Cape and Islands. Bridges are one part of the equation, but ferries, barges and other modes must be explored as part of a comprehensive analysis of our transportation needs.  Ferry and barge service, for example, could remove thousands of cars and trucks from our roadways each year and reduce bridge traffic. We need to study this in earnest.


5) Guns/Gun Violence - I support the Second Amendment, have a license to carry, and support strict enforcement of existing federal gun laws to reduce gun violence.

I will support justice system reform to ensure gun crimes are fully prosecuted and public safety is maintained. We as a community owe this to our law enforcement community for the entire Cape and Islands district as well as across the State and the Country as a whole.

Our state-wide gun licensing process empowers local law enforcement to vet, issue, and maintain gun permits. This approach ensures that law enforcement personnel most knowledgeable in their local community have the authority to ensure responsible gun ownership.


6) Pro-choice- From my perspective, this is both a moral and ethical debate. However, I believe in a woman's right to make her own choice about what happens to her body. I supported my wife on this issue, my four daughters, and will support my grand-daughters to make their own choices too.


7) Marijuana - The voters have voted in Massachusetts to allow medicinal and recreational marijuana, and now it is important to regulate how and where it can and will be sold. It is a local decision and I support local government.  It is also important to address issues relating to substance abuse and public safety issues.  We need to have laws determining, for example, what constitutes impairment in terms of operating a motor vehicle. I would also support making sure that a substantial amount of the revenues raised by taxing marijuana be dedicated to programs to combat the opioid crisis on Cape Cod, support other substance abuse programs and a 100% commitment to our educational systems for the purpose of teaching our children common sense drug prevention education.


8) Teachers/Guns- As a past teacher and school superintendent, I believe teachers should teach and we should have other resources to fully protect our children and those who care for our children while they are at school. However, if a teacher has the training, such as past military or law enforcement and has a license to carry and is comfortable and has been trained in proper procedures and protocols, then I support their decision to carry a weapon if the principal, superintendent and community support it as well.


9) Capital Punishment- I believe in capital punishment under certain circumstances, such as the killing of a police officer or other heinous crimes.


10) Sanctuary State - There are legal immigration policies in place and we should abide by and enforce them because I believe the laws of the federal government should be embraced. To blanketly allow a sanctuary state, would encourage other immigrants to illegally enter our country. At present, Massachusetts is spending $2 billion per year on this problem. That money could be spent on public safety, education, and health-related services for legal citizens of Massachusetts.


11) Enforcement of ICE on those charged with a crime - I support the Barnstable County Sheriff and his ability to determine, by researching the ICE database, whether a person arrested for a crime is here illegally or if they have committed an earlier misdemeanor or felony.


12) Term Limits - I believe in term limits and I believe five- 2-year terms for State Senators is more than enough.  The Founding Fathers envisioned a citizens’ democracy, not legislatures and Constitutional Offices comprised of career politicians. If a public servant has not accomplished what they set out to do in 10 years, I believe it would be time for a new office-holder.


13) Mandatory staffing for hospitals - I believe unions and hospitals/healthcare settings should be able to negotiate safe and financially efficient patient-nurse ratios. I am concerned that if we mandate ratios, a certain number of hospitals/healthcare settings will close, creating an access problem, or the financial burden will just be passed on to patients.


14) Permanent Tax-Free Holiday - I believe, along with Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito, that we should have a permanent tax-free holiday to continue to spur our state economy and to save citizens some money -- over 80 percent of citizens polled in MA support a tax-free holiday.


15) Immigration/DACCA - I believe there should be a legal path to citizenship for those brought here by their parents, who speak English as their 1st language and have graduated from Massachusetts schools/colleges.


16) Lowering the sales tax - I support lowering the current tax from 6.25% to 5% and taxing Amazon purchases to level the playing field. Local retailers need our support and lowering the sales tax will benefit families, businesses and our economy.


17) Gay Marriage - It is the law in Massachusetts. Thus I support the union of marriage for everyone, whether they be heterosexual, gay, or lesbian. I support the LGBTQ community.


18) Transgender bathrooms - It’s the law in Massachusetts.


19) Affordable Housing – We must create new opportunities for average Cape Cod residents to be able to become homeowners if that is their dream.


20) Homelessness – Homelessness must be addressed on Cape Cod. We need housing & shelter to be available across all of the Cape & the Islands

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